Shows: Cubepushers

  • Cubepushers – Episode 5

    Cubepushers – Episode 5

    Time Stamps: Session Reviews: 0:01:15 Seasons: 0:01:19 Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game: 0:13:46 Braggart: 0:22:11 Innovation: 0:30:30 Cards Against Humanity: 0:44:05 Ra iOS: 0:51:33 News: 0:54:30 Game v Game – Wealth of Nations v Power Grid: 1:08:05 Guilty Pleasure – Scrabble (Chris): 1:18:32 Preview for next week: 1:28:50

  • Cubepushers – Episode 4

    Cubepushers – Episode 4

    Time Stamps: Session Reviews:0:00:00 Hawaii: 0:00:46 Panic Station 0:12:30 7 Wonders 0:18:40 Qwirkle 0:35:20 Elfenland 0:42:11 Chromino 0:48:03 Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition: 0:55:20 Infiltration: 1:00:30 Trajan: 1:01:50 Lost Cities iOS: 1:07:22 News: 1:12:08 Game v Game: 1:24:40 One and Done: 1:39:14 In this episode Bill and Chris give Session Reviews for Rio Grande Games’ Hawaii and Elfenland, Stronghold Games’ Panic Station, Repos Production’s 7 Wonders,…

  • Cubepushers – Episode 3

    Cubepushers – Episode 3

    In this episode Bill and Chris give Session Reviews for daVinci’s Castle of the Devil, Blue Orange’s Spot It!, Mayfair’s London, Rio Grande’s Tobago, Fantasy Flight’s Loco!, and Bill reviews the iOS game New World Colony, and provides an update to last week’s take on Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition. Then in board…

  • Cubepushers – Episode 2

    Cubepushers – Episode 2

    In this episode Bill and Chris give session reviews for Ammonit Spiele’s Trajan, Fantasy Flight’s Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition and Infiltration, Ravensburger’s Castles of Burgundy, Minion Games’ Venture Forth, and Bill gives his impressions of Fantasy Flight’s Elder Sign on the iPad. In this episode Bill and Chris give session reviews for…

  • Cubepushers – Episode 1

    Cubepushers – Episode 1

    We discuss Seven Sisters, Heads of State, Race for the Galaxy, San Juan, Risk Legacy and fill you in on the latest designer board and card game news.

  • Cubepushers – Episode 0

    Cubepushers – Episode 0

    It’s the launch episode where Bill and Chris introduce themselves and give a brief rundown of what you can expect from them each week!