Cubepushers – Episode 0

It’s the launch episode where Bill and Chris introduce themselves and give a brief rundown of what you can expect from them each week!

One response to “Cubepushers – Episode 0”

  1. Congrats on the launch of the podcast series. I am a newbie to the board game world just started playing five months ago but have been to two game con: rapier and dice tower. ( Bill we met while playing werewolf; I am the person you said you didn’t like because I was’t talking enough. (It was my first werewolf game)).

    Anyhow, I have watched a lot YouTube game reviews and I have yet to see a review that said the game stinks. I don’t think Tom has ever said a negative word on any game. So I look forward to the one and done segment.

    One game I don’t get that everyone seems to like is eminent domain. First I was confused by the title, I thought it was a game about the local government taking your property. I only played it once and it was at dice tower, but it seem like I was playing the game by myself; limited interaction with other players. I didn’t care for spaceship pieces either. I rather have cube pieces to push around. (get it, cube pushing … Cubepusher) okay I will leave you on my “high note”.

    Again congrats on the new podcast


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