Cubepushers – Episode 3

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In this episode Bill and Chris give Session Reviews for daVinci’s Castle of the Devil, Blue Orange’s Spot It!, Mayfair’s London, Rio Grande’s Tobago, Fantasy Flight’s Loco!, and Bill reviews the iOS game New World Colony, and provides an update to last week’s take on Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition.

Then in board games news they discuss Rob Daviau leaving Hasbro, Asmadi Games and Carl Chudyk producing the Risk Legacy-inspired game Consequential, Days of Wonder breaths new life into their Shadows over Camelot franchise with a quick-playing card game version, Gryphon Games dusts off some old Sid Sackson journals to create I’m the Boss: The Card Game, Ryan Laukat launches his second Kickstarter with City of Iron, Asmodee announces their new line of kids’ games, and we run down our most anticipated titles from Gen Con including Seasons, Netrunner, Merchant of Venus, Fortress America, and Mage Wars.

This week’s Game v Game features two hidden information party games as Werewolf takes on The Resistance. Will The Resistance succeed in their mission, or will the Werewolf eviscerate it?

Finally in their very first One and Done, Chris takes on a Great Old One known as Arkham Horror. Will he keep his wits, or be driven to the brink of insanity? Either way, it will be fun to listen!

Preview of things to come:
Join us next week as the CubePushers throw two of Uwe Rosenberg’s babies into the Thunderdome to see which one will make it out alive as Le Havre battles Ora et Labora. Then Bill lambasts a legend as he takes on El Grande in his first One and Done.

Happy Gaming!