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Episode 16: Invasion of the Pod People   CLEAN

Episode Released: Nov 18, 2012
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Episode Synopsis

A review of the 2007 Asylum film “Invasion of the Pod People”, where workers of a Model Agency start receiving a weird looking plant and people start changing into sex driven copies of themselves, leaving it up to one worker to find out what’s going on.

Drinking Rules
  1. Anytime a scene only lasts for a minute and contains ridiculous amounts of unnecessary dialog.
  2. Anytime an extreme closeup of the persons face is shown.
  3. When the music or sound effects over powers the dialogue.
  4. When a person goes to investigate a noise but doesn't bring any kind of protection to defend themselves.
  5. When Indifferent Girl asks just a completely stupid question.
  6. A badly simulated sex scene.
  7. Whenever there's a real person / pod person fake out.

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