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Episode 17: Alien Vs Hunter   CLEAN

Episode Released: Nov 25, 2012
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Episode Synopsis

A review of the 2007 Asylum film “Alien Vs. Hunter” where a group of average people in a small town with no vehicles, get caught up in the middle of a hunt between an alien spider and a robotic looking cowboy.

Drinking Rules
  1. Anytime there's a helicopter establishing shot of a scene.
  2. Anytime a character says something and then immediately contradicts it by doing something else.
  3. Anytime a character has a sudden and massive mood swing.
  4. Anytime there's a random shot that focuses on nothing, is of people just leaving frame, or anything that looks like it should have been cut from the film but forgotten about.
  5. Anytime characters talk but you can't understand them because of bad recording.
  6. Anytime a character asks a completely stupid question.
  7. Anytime the Xenotatorider POV is shown to be the same as the regular camera shot directly before it.

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