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Episode 15: Zombie Apocalypse   CLEAN

Episode Released: Nov 11, 2012
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Episode Synopsis

A review of the 2011 Asylum film “Zombie Apocalypse” where a cliche group of survivors must go through zombie infected Los Angeles on their way to a ferry that will take them to the last safe island.

Drinking Rules
  1. Slow motion shot of a zombie being shot.
  2. When someone doesn't believe another person is dead or being infected when they obviously are.
  3. A character makes a completely irrational decision when they should obviously be making a better one.
  4. Unnecessary exposition.
  5. When someone asks just a completely stupid question.
  6. When sword lady kills someone with her sword but she obviously never hit them.
  7. When the same zombie is spotted multiple times at completely different locations.

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