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AFI Top 100 – #83: Titanic   EXPLICIT

Episode Released: Jul 13, 2013 • Movie Meta Score: 74/100 • Roger Ebert's Review: 
Show Hosts: Lindsay Shank & Jeff Bell
Episode Synopsis

We review film #83: “Titanic”…the 1997 about a sinking ship.  Seriously, what else do you need to know about this film?  Okay…there’s water…a love story…and a bad guy that looks like a Ken doll.  Go Billy Zane!

Lindsay’s Thoughts

Really? You haven't seen this? Really? REALLY?! Put your hands on me, Jack!

Our Opinions

Lindsay says "I Liked it."
Jeff says "I Loved It!"

Show Notes

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Stuff & Things from Jeff
  1. Cal was wrong about absolutely everything.
  2. Most of the passengers on Titanic were 3rd rate video game NPC.
  3. Robin Williams was a security guard on Titanic.
  4. Jack wouldn't know a man made body of water if he drowned in…wait, too soon?
  5. Something is wrong with Billy Zane's face that borderlines looking like a Ken doll.
  6. I apparently need to move to Paris since women are willing to take off her clothes at an artist's whim.
  7. There are at least 15 moments in the film that after someone makes a comment, another character can reply back with "Bitch!"
  8. Rose's mom looks like an angry Chihuahua.
  9. This movie has countless prime innuendo moments. ("I'd hope you'd come to me last night" / "You mean, a leg on both side? Can you show me?" / "When the ship docks, I'm getting off with you." / "Hit really hard and really fast!")
  10. Half the damage to the Titanic's stuff wasn't because the ship sinked, but because Cal was breaking everything!
  11. So…much…foreshadowing!
  12. "Women doing math? Preposterous!"
  13. Apparently no one cares that two people crossed over the security barrier to get to the front of the ship.
  14. What happened to don't let go, Rose? You had ONE job!
  15. Jack does a terrible Christopher Walken impersonation when he's freezing.

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