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S03E12: “Dr. Terrible’s Listen-At-Home-Radio-Show”   CLEAN

Episode Released: Jul 14, 2014
Episode Synopsis

When Midnight’s favorite radio show is suddenly canceled, he and Linda travel to the radio station only to find one of the stars has been murdered. ┬áC.an they solve who done it before the whole cast is killed?

Written by
Jeff Bell
T.C. De Witt

Episode Cast
Dan Casey ...
 The Midnight Sleuth
Kimberly Casey ...
 Linda Talbot
Jeff Bell ...
 Detective Davis
T.C. De Witt ...
 Simon Stride
T.C. De Witt ...
 Francis Thigh
Candace Ostler ...
 Sally-Rogers Dugan
Chad Halvorsen ...
 Adam Baldwin
Aaron Williams ...
 Wes Jheadon
Nathan Fillion ...
 Thomas Pourtiger

Show Notes

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Jul 14, 2014, 8:47 am

Another great episode! Amazing that Nathan Fillion joined! Finally, right?

    Jul 22, 2014, 12:17 pm

    Indeed! It took forever to get him to agree and he’s only in it for 10 seconds!

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