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AFI Top 100 – #60: Duck Soup   CLEAN

Episode Released: Jan 18, 2014 • Roger Ebert's Review: 
Show Hosts: Lindsay Shank & Jeff Bell
Episode Synopsis

We review film #60: “Duck Soup”…the 1933 film that features the Marx Brothers with more jokes and one liners per minute than any other film ever.

Lindsay’s Thoughts

..::horn honk::..

Our Opinions

Lindsay says "I Loved It!"
Jeff says "I Loved It!"

Stuff & Things from Jeff
  1. It's a requirement to sing in Freedonia.
  2. If a joke is worth doing, it's worth doing 5 times.
  3. When you go to war, it's required that you do a giant musical number to kick it off.
  4. Harpo was a player.

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1 Comment

Jun 25, 2014, 9:05 am

Jeff, buy Lindsay gum already. I mean, she doesn’t come out and say it, but I think it was heavily implied.

Oh, BTW, Love this movie – really, anything from any of these guys. People who don’t like this movie can’t be my friend. There, I said it.

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