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#05: Bambi (1942)   CLEAN

Episode Released: Feb 8, 2017
Show Hosts: Jeff Bell & T.C. De Witt
Episode Synopsis

Nothing says growing up as a child then cute little deer, rabbits with manners, and the death of your mother. Wait…um…forget I said that. We watched “BAMBI” from 1942!

Show Notes

    • The killer of Bambi’s mom:
      • Judge Doom – A deleted line in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” had Eddie Valliant joke saying the guy who killed his brother was probably the same who killed Bambi’s mom”
      • Gaston – You see Bambi’s mother feeding in the forest at the start of the film, since Gaston hunts, that’s the connection
      • Humber the Huntsman – The huntsman from Snow White, Bambi’s mother is the heart he brought back to the witch to pass off as Snow White’s

    • A “romantic/love interest” for the main character that is of similar species
    • Onscreen (kinda!) death of a parent

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