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S02E09: “So Many Jewels, So Little Time-onds”   CLEAN

Episode Released: Nov 3, 2013
Episode Synopsis

When a rare gem is almost impossibly stolen from a local museum, Midnight and Linda must find out where it went and who stole it, all while competing against Midnight’s long time competition, The Daybreak Gumshoe.

Written by
Jeff Bell (Story and Script)
Dan Casey (Additional Dialogue)
T.C. DeWitt (Additional Dialogue)
Omid Niliaram (Additional Dialogue)

Episode Cast
Dan Casey ...
 The Midnight Sleuth
Kim Casey ...
 Linda Talbot
Zachary Ziegler ...
 The Daybreak Gumshoe
Bill Corey ...
 Detective Howard
Omid Niliaram ...
Jeff Bell ...
T.C. DeWitt ...
 Jean de Gone

Show Notes

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Nov 3, 2013, 6:40 pm

Nice job!

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