AFI Top 100 – BONUS: Robin Williams In Memoriam

Due to the passing of Robin Williams, one of our favorite actors, we are releasing a special BONUS episode this week as we watch the 1997 film “GOOD WILL HUNTING” and talk why his death has affected us so much.

One response to “AFI Top 100 – BONUS: Robin Williams In Memoriam”

  1. 1. That was a hiccup
    2. If people get mad at you for adding this one in – that’s actually awesome! That means they are waiting for each and every episode.
    3. Death to Smoochy is his best film
    4. Stop the bragging Jeff – GEEZ!

    Randolph: Didn’t she tell you of the love we once had. Passionate yet tender, old-fashioned yet experimental.

    Sheldon: Randolph, you have lost your mind.

    Randolph: Oh, enlighten the lad, Nora. You were such a hot little brood mare, does the bridle still fit?

    Sheldon: Hey, watch your mouth mister!

    Nora: What experiments? I’ve had firmer handshakes, ya drunk.

    Randolph: Please, it’s small but, it’s fierce!

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