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AFI Top 100 – BONUS: Robin Williams In Memoriam   EXPLICIT

Episode Released: Aug 13, 2014 • Movie Meta Score: 70/100 • Roger Ebert's Review: 
Show Hosts: Lindsay Shank & Jeff Bell
Episode Synopsis

Due to the passing of Robin Williams, one of our favorite actors, we are releasing a special BONUS episode this week as we watch the 1997 film “GOOD WILL HUNTING” and talk why his death has affected us so much.

Our Opinions

Lindsay says "I Liked it."
Jeff says "I Liked it."

Show Notes

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1 Comment

Aug 19, 2014, 9:05 am

1. That was a hiccup
2. If people get mad at you for adding this one in – that’s actually awesome! That means they are waiting for each and every episode.
3. Death to Smoochy is his best film
4. Stop the bragging Jeff – GEEZ!

Randolph: Didn’t she tell you of the love we once had. Passionate yet tender, old-fashioned yet experimental.

Sheldon: Randolph, you have lost your mind.

Randolph: Oh, enlighten the lad, Nora. You were such a hot little brood mare, does the bridle still fit?

Sheldon: Hey, watch your mouth mister!

Nora: What experiments? I’ve had firmer handshakes, ya drunk.

Randolph: Please, it’s small but, it’s fierce!

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