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AFI Top 100 – #91: Sophie’s Choice   EXPLICIT

Episode Released: May 19, 2013 • Movie Meta Score: 67/100 • Roger Ebert's Review: 
Show Hosts: Lindsay Shank & Jeff Bell
Episode Synopsis

We review film #91: “Sophie’s Choice“…the 1982 drama about Sophie, her extended flashbacks, crazy boyfriend, and a southern novelist downstairs.  The choice isn’t what you think.

Lindsay’s Thoughts

Kevin Kline is a jerk in this movie. The other dude who you might think is just from GHOSTBUSTERS 2 has done a whole bunch of other stuff. Shut up, we know Meryl Streep is a great actress. We get it.

Our Opinions

Lindsay says "Not a fan."
Jeff says "Not a fan."

Stuff & Things from Jeff
  1. When you're significant other says he's a doctor, you take him for his word and NEVER…EVER…question it
  2. World's greatest awkward and misheard pickup line (that's not actually a pickup line): "I want you to dress me"
  3. Make a drama movie about Nazis and you will more than likely end up on a Best Film list
  4. Nazi kids are creepy

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