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AFI Top 100 – #57: Rocky   EXPLICIT

Episode Released: Feb 8, 2014 • Roger Ebert's Review: 
Show Hosts: Lindsay Shank & Jeff Bell
Episode Synopsis

We review film #57: “Rocky”…the 1976 boxer flick that caused a generation of men to dream of running up the stairs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and act like it was an accomplishment…which it is.

Lindsay’s Thoughts

Rocky is 6, quit being drunk all the time, and DON'T EAT THE TURTLES BURGESS MEREDITH!!!

Our Opinions

Lindsay says "I Liked it."
Jeff says "I Liked it."

Show Notes

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Stuff & Things from Jeff
  1. I could never be a boxer, because I could never wear those shorts.
  2. Paulie is a dick. How dare you throw that perfectly good turkey outside!
  3. Best place to make out? Right by your dirty, grungy front door.
  4. By the way, said "dirty-grungy door sex" means you're now in a serious relationship with whom you do it with.
  5. Apollo and Rocky are shiny.

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