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#39: Dinosaur (2000)   CLEAN

Episode Released: Jan 3, 2018 • Roger Ebert's Review: 
Show Hosts: Jeff Bell & T.C. De Witt
Episode Synopsis

In a land before time (not that land before time), we follow a group of dinosaurs (not those dinosaurs), as they make their way across the land recently ravished by a meteor (not that meteor movie), all while a loan outcast finds love in a species of his own (not that outcast). Wow, this movie seems very familiar…find out what Jeff & TC think on this week’s episode!

Dinosaur (2000) Movie Synopsis

This is the story of Aladar (D.B. Sweeney), an iguanodon dinosaur raised by a family of lemurs. Their world is turned upside-down however, when meteors strike, turning their green world into a desert wasteland. Teaming up with a herd of other herbivores, the trek is on to find the "Nesting Ground" where water and vegetation is bountiful... but with carnivores behind them and nothing but desert around for miles, it doesn't look promising!

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