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To Tom Cortini

Released: December 18, 2002  •  Runtime: 15 minutes
Film Synopsis

A delivery boy has to run for his life when he finds himself in over his head with a recent job.

Directed by
Jeff Bell
Written by
Jeff Bell (Story, Screenplay)
Produced by
Jeff Bell
Chris Horton ...
 Jerry Burr
Joel Bessire ...
 Tom Cortini
Jeff Bell ...
 Vinnie Sportien
Bryan Boyer ...
Nate Weiss ...
Keith Rambicure ...
 Henchman #1
Joel Bessire ...
 Henchman #2
Jeff Bell ...
 Henchman #3
Assistant Director
Nate Weiss
Nate Weiss (Director of Photography)
Jeff Bell (Camera Operator)
Keith Rambicure (Assistant Camera Operator)
Nate Weiss (Boom Mic Operator)
Bryan Boyer (Boom Mic Operator)
Keith Rambicure (Boom Mic Operator)
Chris Horton (Boom Mic Operator)
Jeff Bell (Boom Mic Operator)
Film Editor
Jeff Bell
John Murphy
Seattle Music
Jeff Bell
Nate Weiss
Costume Design
Jeff Bell
Bryan Boyer
Nate Weiss
Chris Horton
Bryan Boyer
Nate Weiss
Jeff Bell
Keith Rambicure
Meredith Clanfield
Joel Bessire
Special Thanks
The Boyer Household
The Clanfield Household
Craig High School MAC Lab
The City of Janesville
  • Was the second film created under the Ghost-Hat Productions name, however was the first film completed.

  • The film was produced in part by BOLTONBROS.CO, a production company co-founded by Jeff Bell prior to the foundation of Ghost-Hat.

  • The character Jerry Burr had a different last name in the original edit of the film. His name “Jerry Dingle” was changed during a 2004 re-edit of the film. Since the actors were no longer available, any mention of the name was simply cut from dialogue and a new one added in the credits.

  • The film was written, filmed, and edited in less than 2 weeks. It was a final project for a high school class that needed to be presented at the end of the semester. The original edit was completed a day before it was due.

  • Houses belonging to friends of the cast and crew were used as the estates of both Vinnie and Tom.

  • The idea for the movie came about after visiting the wooden trail seen at the end, a month prior to production. Onsite, director Jeff Bell loved the location and said he’d like to film a movie there. When time came to make this movie, the story was written to work for that location.

  • The package of cocaine was actually a bag of sugar.