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To Tom Cortini 3: Damaged Goods

Released: June 12, 2003  •  Runtime: 24 minutes
Film Synopsis

The final part of the TO TOM CORTINI TRILOGY. This one takes the story and turns it on it’s head when Jerry must use his knowledge of what’s going to happen to try and prevent it from doing so!

Directed by
Jeff Bell
Written by
Jeff Bell (Screenplay)
Nate Weiss (Screenplay)
Produced by
Ghost-Hat Productions
Chris Horton ...
 Jerry Burr
Amanda Rudkin ...
 Maria Sportien
Joel Bessire ...
 Tom Cortini
Joseph Fulton ...
 Sonny Bellini
Jeff Bell ...
 Vinnie Sportien
Bryan Boyer ...
Claire McDonald ...
Meredith Clanfield ...
Nate Weiss ...
Assistant Director
Nate Weiss
Joe Fulton
Lead Cinematographer
Nate Weiss
Camera Operator
Jeff Bell
Joe Fulton
Boom Mic Operator
Nate Weiss
Bryan Boyer
Chris Horton
Jeff Bell
Keith Rambicure
Meredith Clanfield
Stacy Weiss
Film Edited by
Jeff Bell
Music By
John Murphy
Seattle Music
Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek
Brian Tyler
Bryan Boyer
Nate Weiss
Jeff Bell
Keith Rambicure
Joel Bessire
Stacy Weiss
Meredith Clanfield
Amanda Rudkin
Special Thanks
The Bell Household
The Boyer Household
The Clanfield Household
The Schendt Household
The City of Janesville
Joseph A. Craig High School
Jefferson Elementary School
The Cast & Crew of the TO TOM CORTINI Trilogy