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Simon Says: The Fall of a Knight

Released: June 23, 2011  •  Runtime: 9 minutes
Film Synopsis

A mockumentary, chronicling the life of a former chess champion after his death. It includes interviews with those closest to him, including that of his rival.

Directed by
Jeff Bell
Written by
Dan Casey (Story, Screenplay)
Jeff Bell (Screenplay)
Produced by
Dan Casey
Dan Casey ...
 Simon Teggert
Kim Casey ...
 Rachel Burgundy
Logan Bydalek ...
 Harold Talbot
Don Fresen ...
 Sven Huugentart
Jeff Bell ...
 The Interviewer
Jesse Hurst ...
 Reinactment Simon
Dan Casey ...
 Murderous Arms
Edited by
Assistant to the Editor
Cinematography by
Script Supervisor
Craft Services
Special Thanks
The Haylofters
The City of Burlington
The Casey Household
The 48 Hour Film Project
  • There’s a message at the end of the film from the producers saying: “If you or someone you know is dead or in need of contacting the recently deceased, contact the production office of Ghost-Hat Productions to set up an interview.”