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Farm Life’s A Killer

Released: May 28, 2005  •  Runtime: 39 minutes
Film Synopsis

When a group of teenagers go out to an abandoned farm for a party, they find they’re not alone and must fight to survive being taken by the Urban Legend: The Dark Killer.

Directed by
Jeff Bell
Written by
Jeff Bell (Story, Screenplay)
Nate Weiss (Screenplay)
Produced by
Jeff Bell
Nate Weiss
Geoff Mongiant (Executive Producer)
Joe Fulton (Executive Producer)
Eric Schmoldt ...
Taran Wurtz ...
Geoff Mongiant ...
Bryan Boyer ...
 Boyer, Zombie Boyer
Catherine Moore ...
Robb Leach ...
Joseph Fulton ...
Joel Bessire ...
 SBob, Zombie Bob
Nate Weiss ...
 Nate, Zombie Nate
Sara Reinardy ...
Keith Rambicure ...
Aly Bitter ...
Claire McDonald ...
Matt Zelle ...
Elizabeth Hunter ...
Jeff Bessire ...
 Van Driver
Assistant Director
Nate Weiss
Joe Fulton
Director of Photography
Nate Weiss
Jeff Bell
Camera Operators
Joe Fulton
Jeff Bell
Nate Weiss
Joel Bessire
Travis Hageman
Keith Rambicure
Jeff Bell
Joe Fulton
Jeff Bell
Set Decoration
Robb Leach
Costume Design
Joel Bessire
Jeff Bell
Makeup Department
Catherine Moore (special makeup effects artist)
ROBB LEACH ... The Killer
JOEL BESSIRE ... The Killer / Liz
Boom Mic Operators ("Boom Bitches")
Joel Bessire
Nate Weiss
Jeff Bell
Joe Fulton
Keith Rambicure
Charlie "Chuck" Wanniger
Joe Fulton
Nate Weiss
Joel Bessire
Travis Hageman
Keith Rambicure
Bryan Boyer
Special Thanks
The Cast & Crew
The Leach, Weiss, Fulton, Bell, and Hunter Families
City of Janesville
  • The movie had been filmed but sat unedited for almost 3 years before finally being “completed”.

  • Only 2/3 of the film had been shot and edited into the final product, resulting in the numerous plot holes and confusing scenes.

  • In the original script when people were killed they would return back as zombies. The idea was scrapped after a big scene where the zombies attack the house had been cut from the film. A few pieces of the zombie thread can be still scene in the film with the appearance of Zombie Bob, Boyer, and Nate.

  • The character of Joe was originally killed in the tool shed by the Killer, only to come back as a good zombie to help Cat and Sarah. His death was cut after the zombies were removed from the storyline. His original death scene can be seen on the DVD as a bonus feature.

  • There were close to 7 drafts of the screenplay during production as different people became available/unavailable. Different characters were condensed down into one to help compensate the changing script.