To Tom Cortini 2: Return to Sender

Runtime: 25 minutes

Directed by
Jeff Bellini

Written by
Jeff Bellini & Nathan Weiss


Taking place before, concurrently, and after the first film, Vinnie receives his drug shipment only to find out someone is suspicious of his activities. Trying to find a way to get the drugs out onto the streets, he enlists the help of his best friend who suggests an associate: Tom Cortini. The two decide to hire a delivery boy and start getting the drugs onto the market, unaware of what’s actually happening behind the scenes. The two storylines intertwine and soon come to an explosive and shocking end for all those involved.


Chris Horton

Jerry Burr

Joel Bessire

Tom Cortini

Jeff Bellini

Vinnie Sportien

Joseph Fulton

Sonny Bellini

Bryan Boyer


Nathan Weiss