Okay, I’m sure you have a lot of questions you want answers for.  What’s the square root of pi?  How many days did the pre-Julian calendar have?  Why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore?

While we can’t really answer any of those questions (that’s a lie, Pluto still is a planet, forget what NASA says), we can however answer questions about us and how we came to be.  And we’re going to do that in a nifty little FAQ which can be found below.  So please, click away and if you have any questions you’d like answered, head over to the CONTACT page and send us an email today!

What Is Ghost-Hat Productions?

GhostHat Productions officially started as a “company” between the production of “FARM LIFE’S A KILLER” and the first “TO TOM CORTINI” film, in November of 2002.  Since then, the company has produced 5 additional short films, with more on the way.  Recently, the company decided to expand into other forms of media, Podcasts and Web Comics, with a desire to reach a great audience.


Who is Ghost-Hat Productions?

GhostHat Productions originally only had one member, founder and President Jeff Bell.  In the last year however, the company has expanded to include 3 additional members:  Dan Casey, Vice-President (writer for movies and podcasts, voice actor for podcasts); Lindsay Shank, Secretary (editor for movies and podcasts, writer for web comics); and Colin Kirchner, Treasurer (writer for web comics, general awesome guy).  All 4 members of the company are actively involved in different content, however overlap with creative input.


What’s A ‘Ghost-Hat’?

The name GhostHat was originally suppose to be GhostHand.  While trying to come up with a name and graphic for the company in November of 2002, founder Jeff Bell had drawn a few different options onto a piece of paper and asked friend Keegan Ray which one looked/sounded better.  Keegan responded “Oooh, GhostHat.  That sounds cool,” having misread the sketched letters.  Commenting on the misreading, Jeff admitted that it sounded better and the name stuck.


Does Ghost-Hat Only Do Movies?

Originally yes, however recently we have expanded into web series, web comics, podcasts and soon short stories/novellas.