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  • #57: Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)
    ==SPOILERS== This review spoils much of the plot to RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t listen to this episode! Unfrozen from their deep sleep hibernation next to Walt himself, Jeff & TC have returned to… View Article
  • 43 – Star Wars Holiday Special
    Ah, the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Who doesn’t love this classic Life Day celebration! Considered by, well, most to be the worst thing ever done by Star Wars – and that includes all of the Ewok movies – what… View Article
  • In reality, also the conventional wage is respectable and among the best among various jobs.
    There is an assortment of matters which could be considered whenever you need to compose apersuasive article. If you really desire aid by means of your essay, go through a number of sample documents in your test gallery. If you… View Article
  • Batman/Superman (To The Point Edit)
    A re-edit of “Batman V Superman” that removes Batman’s killing nature, unnecessary plot points, tones down Superman’s mopey nature, and removes a lot of Lex’s weird creepy ticks. Also adds a post credit scene.