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Troll Blog

Released: March 1, 2014  •  Runtime: 6 minutes
Film Synopsis

A weekly web blog focusing on The Troll, one of the characters from the upcoming all puppet movie T.C. De Witt’s THE PRINCESS KNIGHT!

Directed by
Jeff Bell
Written by
Jeff Bell (15 Episodes) (Screenplay)
T.C. De Witt (10 Episodes) (Screenplay)
Dan Casey (8 Episodes) (Screenplay)
Produced by
Jeff Bell
T.C. De Witt
Jeff Bell ...
 The Troll
T.C. De Witt ...
 Director T.C. De Witt
Bill Corey ...
 Baron Von Briar Thorn
Candace Ostler ...
Dan Casey ...
 Nana Moher
Allison Chicorel ...
 The Not-So-Giant Giant
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell
Visual Effects
Jeff Bell / Ghost-Hat Media (2 Episodes)
Additional Videos