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Released: March 1, 2016  •  Runtime: 8 minutes
Film Synopsis

Individuals with “enhanced powers” nicknamed Capes by the media roam the city streets bringing justice, or so the news would lead the public to believe. Former news cameraman and reporter Clive has made it a personal vendetta to prove to the public how bad these capes are. When his former fiance and reporter colleague Barbara asks him to help her continue to falsify the news reports, tempers rise and past events come to light that some would rather keep hidden.

Directed by
Ryan Freng
Written by
Jeff Bell (Story, Screenplay)
Max Olmsted (Story, Screenplay)
Ryan Freng (Story, Screenplay)
Produced by
Julia Smith
Marion Araujo ...
 Barbara Roche
David Geisler ...
 Clive Kaden
Dan Casey ...
Maddy Alsabbah ...
 Reina Kilna
Julia Smith ...
 News Reporter 1
Eric Momou ...
 News Reporter 2
Matt Franklinson ...
Dale Ihde ...
 Police Officer
Julia Smith ...
 Office Worker
Kris Schulz ...
 Office Worker
Amanda Shaffer ...
 Office Worker
Director of Photography
Tim Moder
Production Design
Jessica Moehr
Prod. Sound Mixer
Cory Kaseman
Film Editor
John Shoemaker
Assistant Editor
AARON Williams
Jordan Post
Key Grip
Tyler Jones
Ben Cadena
Stephen Thompson
1st AC
Brian Alberth
Ben Wydeven
Sound Design
Luke Osiecki
Boom Operator
Dale Ihde
Matt Reines
Storyboards & Illustrations
Amanda Shaffer
Visual Effects / End Credit Sequence
Patrick Blazer
Visual Effects
Jeff Bell
AARON Williams
Joshua Stromer
  • WNPX, Hazdon Industries, and The Rotary were all created 10 years prior to the making of this film for use in other short stories, however this is the first official appearance of themĀ in a completed media work.

  • For information on the characters and the world of this movie, check out it’s “New Prairie” wiki page here: “FOOTNOTE (MOVIE)